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Tojiro Flash (Senkou) 63 Layers DP Damascus

main Tojiro Flash (Senkou) 63 Layers DP Damascus

[General Features]
Tojiro Flash(Senkou) knife serires features a beatiful-stylish blade that has a folded and forged construction of 63 layers (37 layers only for Peeling, Paring and Deba) of Damascus steel. This process allows the thin center layer of VG-10 steel to be extremely hard but also strong and flexible. In many respects, these features can be contradictory.
Over one thousand years ago, Japanese sword smiths developed the high art of sword making to provide strong, sharp blades for the Samurai, the feared warrior caste. Tojiro Flash have adopted such many traditional sword techniques in producing knives for today.

The cutting edge on Tojiro Senkou knives is made of extremely hard VG-10 steel --- Rockwell 62‹. The hardness is the highest, ever seen or heard of for the VG-10 steel from any maker, Japanese, US or Europeans. This allows the knives to be sharpened to a more acute angle and to emerge from the factory razor sharp.
The blade angle was 30‹ included, or 15‹ per side, which is quite thin compared to European counterparts. If the knives were made solely of this hard steel, however, they would be inflexible and brittle, breaking easily if dropped or misused.
Its handle is made of Micarta (multilayer Linen/Resin combo) with stainless steel inlays. Fit and finish are perfect. Ergonomics are good, grip security is just fine, no slippage even with oily stuff, feels very comfortable and the knife is very easy and fun to use.

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